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Dir. James Odo | The Dark Side of Me | 2015​

Lead Actor

Dir. Anike Niemeyer  | Libby Stardust and the Quest for Love | 2015​

Supporting Actor

Red Hour Prod. | Zoolander 2 | 2016


Lead Actor

Dir. Marc Villard | Orpheus | 2017

Dir. Mick Lichtenberg | Unforgivable | 2017

Lead Actor

Soule prod. | The Last Muse | TBD

Writer and Lead Actor

Dir. Jake Laurence | Winds of Heaven | 2018

Lead Actor

Silent Envy Productions | Menagerie | 2018

Lead Actor

Dir. Dante Nazzaro | Someone I Know | 2019

Lead Actor

Dir. Lorenzo Conti | Lesson Four | 2019

Lead Actor

Dir. Max Strand | Goodbye Honey | 2020

Supporting Actor

Dir. Ishana Shyamalan | The Place In Between | 2019

Lead Actor

Dir. Reed Martin | Art of Getting By | 2019

Supporting Actor

I am a American and South African actor currently residing in Cape Town, South Africa. Before I began my career, I attended The Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in New York City, where I took on demanding roles such as Hamlet, and many leads in Tennessee Williams and Clifford Odets plays. Since my graduation I've been in numerous short films, commercials, webseries, and feature films.

With a background at the Strasberg Institute, I've studied with some of the greatest acting teachers known today. Lola Cohen, author of 'The Lee Strasberg Notes,' claimed  I was an actor "who has dedicated himself and committed to his exceptional talent." Along with Lola, I've studied with renowned Stanislavsky scholar Robert Ellerman and actor Vincent D'Onofrio. Through Mr. D'Onofrio's generosity, I was given the opportunity to attend the institute on a scholarship.

Shortly after I began working on short film and commercial sets, including my own. My first feature film was 'Menagerie' (2019) and afterwards in the new film 'Goodbye Honey,' which debuted at the Dances with Films festival in 2020. 

But my passion does not only lie in the world of acting. I'm a musician, who was accepted to Berklee College of Music before my decision to move to New York. On top of that, I am starting my own film and videography company Lion's Tale Productions. Also, due to my desire to help others I am currently working for the Peace Appeal Foundation to organize drama therapy sessions for refugees in Southeast Asia (Thailand, Myanmar).  With these crafts I aspire to be 'an artist of many mediums,' as my career progresses! So, stay tuned!

Height: 6'0

Hair Color: Blond

Eye Color: Blue


About Me


Amazon Studios | The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel | 2017


HBO | The Deuce | 2018


Warner Bros. | Gotham | 2018


History Channel | Franklin Roosevelt | 2022


Paramount+ | 1923 | 2022-2023


Special Skills

LSTFI Play Study | Sweet Bird of Youth | 2017

Lead Actor 

LSTFI Conservatory | Cat On A Hot Tin Roof | 2017​

Lead Actor

Anna Strasberg Scene Night | North of Providence | 2016​

Lead Actor

(RZA) Waldorf School Prod. | The Two Gentlemen of Verona | 2011​

Lead Actor

Fire On the Moon Prod. | Secrets of an Old Bridge | 2018

Supporting Actor

I play guitar, tennis, and basketball.  I also sing, cook, and do accents and impersonations! Such as Christopher Walken, the Irish, British RP, Southern American, Brooklyn, and Cockney! For travel purposes I also do have a US passport.

Training & Workshops

WOOW Your Life | Deezer | 2014


Bright Wednesday Productions | Extended Play | 2017

Supporting Actor

Century Tree Prod. | B&H Commercial | 2018



Garden State Film Festival | Goodbye Honey | 2021

Best Supporting Actor

LSTFI | Method Acting | Robert Ellerman & Lola Cohen (2-Year Conservatory)

LSTFI | Method on Camera | Vincent D'Onofrio

Larry Moss Studio | 4-Day Intensive | Larry Moss

ACT | Private Coaching | Grant Swanby

Berklee College of Music | Five-Week Music Performance Intensive | Tomo Fujita & Don Lappin

Download my headshot and resume here!

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